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Latch & Lactation Initiation

Prenatal Support to Help a Smooth Transition to Breast/Chestfeeding

Latch Assessment

Checking Your Baby's Latch When Feeding & Addressing Challenges

Introduction of Solid Foods

Foods to Compliment Breast/Chestfeeding

Food Supplementation

Safe Formula Preparation & Methods For Delivering Mixed Feeds


Prenatal & Partner Classes


Brittney Pederson

Brittney's life centres around her passion for continual learning and postnatal support. She believes that all people deserve respectful, warm, and comprehensive care. She is most often found with her family, riding her bike, reading a book or researching her latest passion.
Seeking to improve family support, she began her postpartum work as a babywearing educator, and has been working with families for five years now. She believes that we need champions of support and while much has been done to promote lactation, there is still a great need for families to feel supported. She is a proud La Leche League Canada leader and Certified Lactation Counselor. You know your family best, including what method(s) of feeding are best for you. Brittney hopes to support families in their choices through the latest information and a caring environment free of judgement.

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