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Bump to Baby

This isn’t your typical birth prep class!
Are you ready to be empowered as you mentally and physically prepare for your birth?
Bump to Baby will provide you with:
✔️ an assessment from a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
✔️ a personalized set of alignment, engagement, and relaxation cues based on your assessment
✔️ core and pelvic floor exercises perfect for the ever-changing pregnant body
✔️ exploration on how different movements in each stage of labour can affect baby’s ability to descend through your pelvis
✔️ education on how to prepare your perineum through massage and stretching
✔️ discussion about natural pain relief methods
✔️ tips for healing your core and pelvic floor in the immediate postpartum period
✔️ a mini-massage while others have their assessment
✔️ a small group atmosphere to connect with other like-minded expecting mothers
✔️ light snacks and refreshments provided
✔️ a receipt so you can claim through extended health benefits

Prenatal Lactation Class

Planning to breastfeed or chestfeed your baby? This class will help you achieve your feeding goals starting the minute your baby is born.

Over 90% of expectant mothers in Edmonton plan to exclusively breastfeed their newborns, but experience unexpected challenges and barriers to this goal. By 3 months, nearly half those families are not exclusively breastfeeding. This prenatal class is designed to get you off to the best start!

Packed with practical information and take-home ressources about lactation, you’ll learn about some of the wonders of the human body, find out what’s fact or fiction, and connect with local supports. Whether you want to nurse while sitting in a field of wildflowers, pump through shifts at work or focus on those precious first few days after birth, our lactation counsellor will share key information with you so that you can achieve your personal goals. This class is designed for the lactating parent(s), and their partners.

If you are a current client at Pine, email for a $10 off promo code.

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