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Did you know that Pine Health has a pediatric health clinic that offers services that are tailored to children’s specific needs? Meet Pine Cone Health – a child centric clinic created for the health and well-being of children through infancy, childhood, and adolescence!

Pine Cone Health has a variety of services that cover common pediatric concerns including psychology, physiotherapy, speech-language pathology and nutrition. Our team of experts specialize in working with children of all ages. We communicate with patients and their families in a way that is clear, respectful, inclusive and respects privacy and confidentiality.

Children and adolescents are amazing, resilient, intuitive people and they struggle with physical and mental/emotional concerns just as much as adults. Providing support at the right time can allow them to be more confident in their world and allow them to develop into the amazing people they are meant to be.

Pine Cone Health

Explore the Pine Cone Health specialities by visiting our children’s health website. Click on the services below to learn more!

child psychology pine cone health

There are many reasons why children and adolescents can benefit from seeing a psychologist who specializes in childhood psychology. Learn more about the struggles we can help your kid with over at Pine Cone Health.

pediactric physiotherapy pine cone health

At Pine Cone Health, we believe that kids benefit from physiotherapy most when they are challenged, engaged and most importantly having fun!! Take our free assessment to see if your child is meeting the milestones for their age.

speech therapy pine cone health

Not sure if your child needs speech therapy? We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation to discuss you or your child’s health needs and how we can help. Learn more about SLP at Pine Cone Health.

child dietician pine cone health

At Pine Cone Health, our dietitians strive to make feeding your children as stress-free as possible. Whether it is food allergies, picky eating, starting solids or meal planning, we can create a nutrition plan that will work for you and your family!

speech therapy pine cone health

Children can benefit from chiropractic treatment for a variety of reasons. Whether it is issues with infant feeding, torticollis, plagiocephaly, delayed milestones, growing pains, concussions or just your regular day-to-day injuries, our chiropractors are here to help.

child osteopathy pine cone health

At Pine Cone Health, our osteopathic therapists aid the body in healing itself.  They use a variety of techniques to manipulate the muscles, joints, and other tissues of the body in order to promote healing and improve overall function.

Massage therapy Pine Cone Health

Massage can be extremely beneficial for children and youth of all ages. Whether to assist with mobility, pain or relaxation your child is in good hands with our Registered Massage Therapists.

Massage therapy Pine Cone Health

Lactation Consultants at Pine Cone Health can help you overcome feeding struggles with your baby. They offer a variety of techniques to help you get the most out of breastfeeding, expressing and feeding.

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