Affordable Counselling Services

Our master’s level student therapists are selected via a rigorous selection process and all clinical work is supervised by an experienced Registered Psychologist to ensure the highest quality of support for clients. The supervisor will work closely with the student therapist to oversee best evidence-based practices and care for both the client and student.

Each session will be video recorded and sent to the supervisor for review. There will be additional consent to ensure each client is comfortable with their session being recorded for training purposes.

Our student therapists can support perinatal and general populations. Each client will complete two free initial screening processes to ensure goodness of fit. The first brief phone screening is with administrative staff at the time of booking and the second screening process is at the free intake session with the student therapist, to ensure the presenting concerns are within the scope of what the student can support. The screening processes will also ensure the clients’ therapeutic needs match the modalities offered by the student. There will be referral options available if the client and student are not a fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The cost to see a student is reduced to $50 per 50-minute session. The initial intake is free of charge to ensure goodness of fit. Sliding scale options are available upon request.

What issues are students not able to support? 

Active eating disorders, active addictions, active trauma, active suicidality, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, psychosis, concerns potentially involving legal proceedings (i.e., high conflict divorce or motor vehicle accidents), formal assessments, EMDR/ART treatment & children under 10.

Can a student help me?

Yes! Each student will have completed most of the required coursework in their master’s program and will be using evidence based therapeutic modalities such as CBT, ACT, or Narrative Therapy. Students will be closely overseen by their supervisor (a Registered Psychologist). Many people find they get excellent care by having two practitioners supporting their goals. If any questions or concerns arise about a student, clients are welcome to discuss them with the student’s supervisor at any time.

How do I know if something is going on? 

Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much?

Feeling exhausted most of the time?

Decreased appetite?

Frequently worrying about things?

Guilt, shame and thinking you aren’t a good mother/partner/friend/employee?

No longer enjoying things you used to enjoy?

Isolating yourself socially?

Fearing being alone or of leaving the house?

Anxiety or panic attacks?

Easily crying?

Not feeling yourself or knowing who you are anymore?

Worrying that your partner will get tired of you feeling this way?

Irritability, being quick to anger & snapping at others over everything?

Thinking everyone else is a better mother/partner/friend/employee?

Concentration troubles?

Thinking something is wrong with you or your relationships?

Feeling like you will always feel this way and never will get better?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, or if you have additional concerns, our students can support you.

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