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Osteopathic Therapist Edmonton

If you are looking for an Osteopathic Therapist in Edmonton, you can trust your health to Pine Health Integrated Health Center. A Manual Osteopathic Therapist uses principles of traditional osteopathy that address the root causes of pain and dysfunction.


Osteopathic Therapy promotes the body’s natural healing processes to bring about balance and homeostasis in the body. This manual therapy can include Craniosacral Therapy, Osteo articulations, Visceral Manipulation, Advanced Myofascial Remodelling, and Manual Lymphatic Therapy.

Offered Osteopathic Therapies

At Pine Health, we provide Manual Osteopathic Therapy (MOT), Paediatric Treatment procedures, Craniosacral Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation. These therapies promote healing and awaken the body’s natural healing process. Patients can expect to experience hands-on, gentle techniques that are primarily done while fully clothed.

Osteopath performs manual treatment

Manual Osteopathic Therapy

This treatment is generally fully clothed, though it’s best done with athletic type clothing versus denim.

Your Manual Osteopathic Therapist will assess your body and find points of tension and imbalances, then treat them with gentle manipulations.

Craniosacral Therapy Edmonton

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a very light manual therapy that’s based on fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord but affects the entire body. This type of osteopathic treatment is so gentle it can even be performed on newborn infants.

Pine Health Osteopath performs visceral manipulation therapy

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation addresses the connective tissue between our organs and improves nerve and blood flow.

Edmonton Osteopath treating young boy

Paediatric Treatment

Did you know that we offer Osteopathic treatment for infants and children as well? To learn more, check out our child focussed therapy clinic at Pine Cone Health

Osteopathy Treatment Services

Osteopathic care addresses the root of the issues, helping the body to heal itself.

Our bodies are required to withstand daily wear and tear to continually compensate for imbalances. A Manual Osteopathic Therapist specializes in finding the root cause of dysfunction and works with you to help decrease your body’s necessity to compensate for dysfunction.


Osteopathic Treatment has various physical benefits and is not designed to be a painful process. Manual Osteopathic Therapy has been known to:


Health Treatments:

Reduce chronic pain

Increase mobility (or balance mobility in cases of hypermobility)

Improve digestion

Treat headaches and migraines and reduce their frequency

Activate the body’s natural ability to heal

Treat sinus pain and discomfort

Treat TMJ dysfunction

Treat idiopathic pain

Improve overall body functioning, including that of many organs within the body

Treat vertigo

Decrease anxiety and increase overall well-being

Treat pregnancy related pain

Treat postpartum imbalances

Help fibromyalgia symptoms

Reduce nerve pain including sciatica

The improvements from osteopathic care often continue for 3 days to 3 weeks after treatment as the body adjusts to its new normal.


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