Why Pine?

We see trees as representatives of strength, confidence, wisdom, and the capacity for eternal growth. An individual tree stands for an individual person.

Underneath the surface are the roots  that ground the trunk - where joys and challenges leave their marks as rings.  The endless variations of branches represent the different aspects of who we are as no two trees are alike.

Trees have seasons for growth and seasons for conservation. But staying green even through dark and cold winters, Pine trees demonstrate resiliency.

Every tree in a forest is valuable. Young trees enjoy protection from harsh winds and temperatures, and old trees can grow to be strong and protect the seedlings beneath them.  Together, trees create a community that offers support and protection.

We can’t think of a more beautiful metaphor for health and the journey of life than the Pine tree.

Our Speciality

At Pine Integrated Health Centre, individuals and families will find high quality, evidence based, and integrated health care services.

Though we skillfully and enthusiastically treat males and females, from infancy through adulthood, we take great pride in our specialty of supporting women perinatally.

Our goal is to be known among the medical community and the larger, general community as the hub of skilled health professionals working in maternal and family physical and mental health. We will be a centre that will bridge the gaps in the current health care system where outside of their medical needs, women could be better supported on their journey throughout Motherhood and beyond.

Our Core Values


“To be authentic, we must cultivate the courage to be imperfect — and vulnerable. We have to believe that we are fundamentally worthy of love and acceptance, just as we are. I’ve learned that there is no better way to invite more grace, gratitude and joy into our lives than by mindfully practicing authenticity.”— Brené Brown


We will actively listen to fully understand and genuinely empathize with people’s experiences. Responding in service and advocacy for each individual, each group or community, and for society as a whole.


  1.  Unconditional positive regard - we show acceptance and support for our clients without casting judgment. We will show our confidence in our client's ability to make decisions and choices.
  2. Empathetic understanding - we strive to understand and accept our clients’ unique feelings, thoughts, experiences and perspectives.
  3. Congruence - we carry no air of authority or professional superiority.


The word reliable comes from the French word relier, which means “to link” or “attach.” We see reliability as being an organization you could lean on and trust.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Will Durant 


Mallory Becker - Registered Psychologist

Jillian Palmer - Physiotherapist

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